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Upcoming Green Country Events:
14U - Monday
12U - Tuesday
10U - Thursday
8U - Friday

City League

10U Baseball Mon. & Thur.
13U Baseball Tues & Fri.
C.P. on Mon. & Sat.
14U Softall on Saturday
T-Ball on Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri.

2010 PARC Season Begins on May 3rd.

PARC Manual

City of Poteau
Recreation Department

Purpose: To create a healthy environment to learn the skills of the sport, fair play, sportsmanship, and competition.

The City of Poteau Recreation Department emphasizes each and every child as an individual. We are interested in each child reaching their potential in every aspect not only to aid them in the sport but also to help them in life.

This manual is intended as a guideline for coaches, parents, and children. It is our goal to have the best possible program without losing sight of the basic purpose.

We, as staff, coaches, and parents should strive to follow these guidelines in working with our children.

1.      Develop self-confidence, self-respect, and appreciation of their own growth.

2.      Grow as responsible members of their families and as citizens of their communities.

3.      To teach the basic skills of the sport in a positive manner.

The objectives are to develop character, good sportsmanship, physical skills and coordination, teamwork and knowledge of the sport.

The program and rules are devised in order to:

Players: Make the team fun and to develop skills and provide substantial opportunity for play.

Parents: Be convenient and minimize expense.

Coaches: Be convenient and minimize time commitment.

Administrative Organization

Each team has one volunteer head coach and one assistant coach. All persons accepting responsibility in this program must accept and carry out the rules and regulations of the program strive to teach good sportsmanship, good health habits, good citizenship and exercise for the children. Every safety precaution must be observed at all times. Abuse or embarrassment of any player or team will not be tolerated.

Penalty: Failure to abide by these standards make it mandatory that the person involved be relieved of their responsibilities in the program.

Spectators at games must be kept under control by the coach, and razzing of officials, and or player prevented. Failure to maintain control of players and or spectators will result in forfeiture of the games as recommended by the official in charge.

Note: Officials cannot answer questions from parents, but they will be happy to answer questions from the coach at the appropriate times.

Penalty: Coaches who fail to abide by this shall be subject to the same disciplinary action as for their own personal conduct.

It shall be mandatory each team coach meet with the parents of their players during the first week of practices. The purpose of this meeting will be to explain the program, define what is expected from the program, parents, children and the coaches.

Any player, coach, or team expelled from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct will have to sit out the next game. On the second offense the persons involved will be relieved of his/her coaching duties that season.

II.  Games

The director will do all scheduling of league games. No changes in dates shall be permitted in the league schedule without authorization from the director.

The director will reschedule make-up games. If your team is given the make-up date and your team doesn’t show up, that will count as a forfeit and win for the team that is there. Any forfeited game will not be made up. No protest on game times or make-up dates. The director will have the final decision. Director must have a 48-hour grace period to reschedule any games.

Game time is game time. There will be no grace period. The number of participants makes your schedule very tight. Please be courteous and help us stay on time, you may have the late game next time.

No profanity from the bench or field or from the spectators will be tolerated. Participants who use profanity will be benched for the remainder of the game.

(Coaches must help in this situation)

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages will be allowed.  Any person who is discovered with alcohol will be asked to leave the premises.

Line-ups must be entered in the official book at least ten minutes before game time. First and last names as well as number if applicable.

(Time will start at game time)

A player may play in two leagues at the PARC in the same season. The player will have to paid an additional $20 fee. The player can only pitch in the league that his age has him in. If a player pitches up in a league the team will forfeit the game in which he threw a pitch in. (Revised May 2017)

Each player must play in his or her age group. A player may play up an age but not down an age group. Age deadline is firm.

The City of Poteau Recreation Department will not be responsible for accidents on or off the field or court, in the bleacher area or park. All persons enter at their own risk.

All coaches must confirm shirt color with the directors to make sure there are no duplications within divisions. (Do not order uniforms then confirm colors.)

III. Roster Changes

The director prior to any player being allowed to participate must approve all roster changes. No Protests are allowed. The director will make the final decision.

IV. Parents Responsibilities

Be positive only in your enthusiasm.

Do not under any circumstances demean any child, coach, official, or other parent.

Be responsible for your child’s regular attendance of practices and games. This is a team sport and the coach needs everyone to attend games and practice.

V. Team Organization

Player limit will be determined by number of participants enrolled and number of players required for each sport.

Age deadline will be firm.

VI. General Sports Policy:

Each child will play on his team at least half of every game, but he must have regular attendance for practices and games in order to participate. If a child does not make practice regularly the coach may choose to take disciplinary action by not playing the child, but the coach must advise the director and the director will have the final decision.

All adults acting as coaching must adhere to stated responsibilities and attend all coaches meetings. This includes your official assistant coaches and any parent that will be helping you during the season.

VII. Registration

Each child must complete and turn in his/her application and if the league is determined by age they must turn in a copy of their birth certificates, along with fee. Note: If any form is found to be falsified in any way that player will not be able to finish the season.

VIII. Draft

We welcome participants from the surrounding area with the understanding that all players will participate in and open draft. The participants will be wearing a jersey with a number that corresponds with their form. Each participant will demonstrate some aspect of the game such as running the bases, catching a fly ball, picking up a grounder with the coaches of the specific age group viewing the athlete. Once the tryout is complete the coaches will meet to draft their team. If the coach stays in the same age group he/she will their returning players. All other coaches entering in that particular age group will draft to catch up with the returning coaches. If the coach goes to another age group, only his assistant may keep the team not just a parent or other assistant. When a coach goes to another age group he must draft a new team. All players moving into the new age group must go back into the draft. Siblings will be drafted together. Any player not wishing to play with the same team may request to go back into the draft.

IX. Practices

All teams must practice in Poteau unless all players gladly agree to drive to another field outside of Poteau.

Note: Manual Revised February 6th, 2001.


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