Billy Bond, Director                         

Upcoming Green Country Events:
14U - Monday
12U - Tuesday
10U - Thursday
8U - Friday

City League

10U Baseball Mon. & Thur.
13U Baseball Tues & Fri.
C.P. on Mon. & Sat.
14U Softall on Saturday
T-Ball on Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri.

2010 PARC Season Begins on May 3rd.

General PARC Policies

No alcoholic beverages on or around fields.

No glass containers.

Fees that pertain to your event must be paid the day before the event. Contract must be signed.

All adult softball team be sanctioned and meet requirements.

The sponsoring organization may charge admission and keep the proceeds.

The PARC will make available bases and bleachers. We will have the fields mowed and dragged before usage.

The sponsoring organization will be responsible for general operations. (The hiring and scheduling of umpires and scorekeepers. Also, the marking of the fields and the returning of all PARC equipment.

PARC will have all concession stand rights and will operate it in full with at least a ten team league or tournament.