Billy Bond, Director                         

Upcoming Green Country Events:
14U - Monday
12U - Tuesday
10U - Thursday
8U - Friday

City League

10U Baseball Mon. & Thur.
13U Baseball Tues & Fri.
C.P. on Mon. & Sat.
14U Softall on Saturday
T-Ball on Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri.

2010 PARC Season Begins on May 3rd.

USSSA Baseball Manual

Purpose: To promote  the playing of baseball and to develop children with the proper attitude toward the game and life.

All players must have on file registration form, a copy of their birth certificate, and the league fee in to the PARC office by the deadline date.

All coaches accepting responsibility in the league must adhere to the purpose of this program.

All coaches must teach good sportsmanship, good health habits, good citizenship, and exercise the type of personal behavior, which will set a good example for the children while representing their team.

The city will provide the following:

Provide a home field & officials for all games

The director will communicate and assist the local USSSA teams in league games and tournaments.

Secure insurance for each team.

Team Information

Age Groups

Pee Wee 9-10                                        9 Years Olds
Cannot be 11 years                               10 Years Olds
old prior to January 1 of
the current year.

Midgets 11-12                                       11 Years Olds
Cannot be 13 years                               12 Years Olds
old prior to January 1 of
the current year.

Preps                                                     13 Years Olds
Cannot be 15 years                             14 Years Olds
old prior to January 1 of
the current year.

Minor                                                 15-16 Years Olds
Cannot be 18 years                              17 Years Olds
old prior to January 1 of
the current year.

Preps Guidelines for USSSA Baseball

Each participant must be registered with the PARC and have a birth certificate on file.

All OK Kids home games will be played at the Poteau High School baseball field.

The PARC will supply the team with two umpires for each home game.

The PARC will pay the fee of $40.00 per umpire for a two hour game. If the game last longer than two hours the home team coaching staff will be responsible for paying any additional money owed.

The Poteau High School baseball staff will be responsible for choosing the coach for the current season.

The Poteau High School baseball staff, along with the chosen coach, will schedule and hold two mandatory baseball tryouts.

After the completion of the two tryouts, the PHS Baseball Staff and the selected coach will choose the team for the upcoming season.

Poteau participants will have the first opportunity to make the squad. (Note: this includes player from Shady Point and Monroe schools.) If there are not enough Poteau participants, then and then only, may players be chosen from outside the Poteau School District .

The tryouts must be advertised in the newspapers and on the PARC website.