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Upcoming Green Country Events:
14U - Monday
12U - Tuesday
10U - Thursday
8U - Friday

City League

10U Baseball Mon. & Thur.
13U Baseball Tues & Fri.
C.P. on Mon. & Sat.
14U Softall on Saturday
T-Ball on Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri.

2010 PARC Season Begins on May 3rd.

3rd & 4th Grade Boys Basketball Rules

Note: There is to be no food or drinks inside the gyms.  This at the request of the elementary school principals.  All coaches will be asked to help in this matter.   Have a great season and good luck!

Rules For All Ages:

NFHS rules will be enforced if not specifically listed in our rules.

Warm time before game will be five minutes.

Half-time will be five minutes.

All teams will be allowed four time outs per game, consisting of three full time outs and one thirty second time out.

All game that end in a tie at the end of regulation play will play one additional two-minute quarter, with each team being granted one additional time-out.  If the game is still tied after the additional two-minute overtime the game will be considered a tie and 4th quarter rules will apply.

One illegal defense warning will be issued per game. After a warning has been issued each violation thereafter will result in a team technical foul.

3rd & 4th Grades

   Quarter Length: (4) Five and half minute quarters

Basketball Height: Ten Feet

Basketball: 28.5 Women's Basketball 

Zone Defense: (3) Zone defense may be used (2-1-2, 1-2-2, or 1-3-1) 

Half Court Zone Traps: May be used the last minute of each half.

Man to Man Defense: No man to man defense may be used.

No full court pressing will be allowed in this age level.

In the final 30 seconds of play or less the defense may go into the backcourt with one defender after the ball is inbounded in the court and touched by an offensive player.

First pass to the wing must be allowed on the offensive end of the court.

Court: Full Court

If a player is disqualified due to fouls, he/she must leave the game but may re-enter after one minute has run off the clock. If the same player commits another foul they must leave and can re-enter again after one minute has elapsed from the clock.

Defensive pressure may occur the last 30 seconds of a contest in the front or backcourt areas. This will only be allowed after the ball is in bounded without any pressure. If the ball is in bounded in the backcourt a defensive player must remain in the front court till the offensive player has possession or the clock has started for play.